August 12, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


James J. Donnelly

Progressive Conservative


I should like to say a word or two in regard to the price administration of agricultural products. I found on my trip to Australia and New Zealand that there was no subject that one heard more often than the price of agricultural products. AVherever
we went and wherever I addressed1 a meeting the one question that was asked was: "How are you in Canada able to keep the price of agricultural products so high, so much above the world price, because we sell our goods at the world price and they are much lower than what you people in Canada are obtaining for yours?" I was obliged under those conditions to explain why; but before I go on to explain why, I wish to give the committee the prices which the people in Australia and New Zealand are obtaining for their farm products, so that we may be able to get some idea as to whether Canada is being legislated properly or whether she is being poorly guided and governed. With regard to the prices which they are obtaining for their agricultural products-

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