July 27, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


William Ross Macdonald


Mr. MACDONALD (Brantford City):

I had intended that my remarks should be congratulatory to the Minister of Pensions and National Health. I know he has a great interest, not only in the men who served in the last war but in those who are serving in this war. I commend him most heartily for bringing in this bill with respect to the men who are serving in this war, but I still feel that the men who served in the last war and who were not in a financial position to take out insurance should1 be able to take advantage of the benefits offered. The minister suggests that the old act would have to be revived. I ask him to give that his most serious consideration. I do not want to confuse the issue by emphasizing this point too strongly. If this bill is for the men who served in the present war then I agree with the minister when he says that it should be *put through. I suggest to the government that they review the old act to see whether or not it is possible to revive it in order to give the soldiers who were not in a financial position at that time to take out insurance an opportunity to obtain the benefits granted. They should also be able to increase their insurance to $10,000, as is provided for in this bill. That is another question; and I am merely referring! it to the government. I am in complete accord with the provisions of the present bill.

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