July 27, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


William Ross Macdonald


Mr. MACDONALD (Brantford City):

It seems to me that provision should be made in this bill for the veterans of the last war. There are many of these men between the ages of forty-five and fifty-five years. When they came -back from the last war they were not in a financial position to take out the insurance available to them under the Returned Soldiers' Insurance Act. Now that their financial position has improved, why should they be prevented from coming within the provisions of this bill? I know there are quite a few whose finances were not such that they could come under the provisions of the old act and who would like to take advantage of this legislation. I think in that respect I can speak on behalf of some hon. members of this house. I know there are a number who served in the last war who would like to come under the provisions of this bill. To my knowledge some of them were not in position to take out insurance at that time, but they could take out some now. I am speaking not only on behalf of these members of the house but on behalf of a vast number of soldiers of the last war who I feel should come within the provisions of this bill.
Under the provisions of the former act a soldier could take out only $5,000 insurance, while under this bill he can take out up to $10,000. I commend the government for bringing in this bill at this time. I know that the measure which was brought in at the end of
Veterans' Insurance

the last war helped a great many soldiers. In saying that I speak from personal experience. I know there are other ex-service men in this house who took out policies under the old act. There were men who could not get insurance because of their physical condition and they were able to get this under the provisions of that act. It was a splendid thing for the returned men, because they could look ahead with confidence knowing that they had at least- an insurance policy behind them. I hope the government will see its way clear to widen the scope of this bill so that it will cover those who served in the last war.

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