June 27, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Edward Arthur Lancaster

Conservative (1867-1942)


The inspector does not say who proved that. The inspector should have brought the man who he pretends proves that face to face with Gallagher and if he had done so he might have found that Gallagher was entirely innocent. He seems to have been treated most unjustly. The person the letter was addressed to would not know when it arrived at his post office. There does not seem to have been any investigation into the matter at all. He was charged with having taken an interest in the political matters of my hon. friend from Lennox (Mr. Wilson) but they seem not to have been able to prove that and the hon. Postmaster General justifies his dismissal upon the delaying of this letter. I would like the hon. Postmaster General to tell the committee what he calls interference in election. I would like him to tell me whether the mere allowing use of his premises by a postmaster for a political committee, he not being present hi in self, would be held to be an interference in politics on the part of the postmaster and would justify liis dismissal.

Subtopic:   THOMAS PREST.
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