June 27, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Uriah Wilson

Conservative (1867-1942)


Does the hon. gentleman remember a conversation he and I-had when we talked of the meeting held at Mr. Gallagher's house ? I told him then, as I tell him now, that there was no political meeting held at Mr. Gallagher's house on that occasion, nor was I ever at a political meeting in Mr. Gallagher's house, though he is a friend of mine. Mr. Pruyn who was a candidate for the local house, went with me to Wilton to speak on that occasion. There is no hotel at Wilton, and after the meeting, Mr. Gallagher asked me to put up my horse in his stable and to have supper with him. This invitation Mr. Pruyn and I accepted. But I positively deny that there was any political meeting that evening while I was at Mr. Gallagher's house, nor do I think there was one afterwards. And Mr. McEwen denies ever having made this affidavit. If the Postmaster General wi!! afford me an opportunity we will bring Mr. McEwen, Mr. Gallagher, Mr. Henry Allan Baker-who is ex-warden of the county of Ijennox and Addington-and myself, and then let him put us in the box and take our evidence. That is what should have been done before taking so serious a step as dismissing a good official. It would be better than dismissing this man upon so flimsy a pretext. The Postmaster General has got it down finer than I thought-that this man was dismissed because one letter which possibly might have related to a vote in a municipal election was delayed.

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