July 25, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


James Garfield Gardiner (Minister of Agriculture)



The resolution states fully the contents of the bill which it is proposed to present to the house. The intention of the bill is to make it possible for a board to be appointed to consist of three persons, one of whom will be the chairman and one the vice-chairman. The responsibility of that board will be to make a study of the conditions existing during the period that we have had ceiling prices established on farm products and to relate that to conditions existing in Canada affecting other industries as well as people engaged in other activities; to study as well, when the time arrives, conditions in the post-war period, and from- time to time to submit to the Minister of Agriculture, and through him to the government, recommendations as to which farm products should have floor prices placed under them, the method1 by which that should be done,' and the level at which those prices should be established. The final decision with regard to the matter will rest with the governor general in council. Once the floor prices are established, the board will have authority to purchase and sell farm products on the basis of that floor price level, or to set up commodity boards to purchase and sell, or to establish other agencies to purchase and sell on its behalf any farm product which is declared by order in council to be one on which it is necessary to have floor prices, and as to what that floor price is.
That is the general principle of the bill. The part of it which has to do with the setting up of the board and with examining into conditions now existing comes into effect at once; but the part which provides for the buying and selling of goods, if that becomes necessary during the transition period from war to peace, will come into effect by proclamation at the time it becomes necessaiy to do that kind of thing; that is, at some time towards the end or following the end of the war.
That in principle, Mr. Speaker, is the content of the bill which will be introduced as a result of passing this resolution.
Motion agreed to and the house went into committee, Mr. Bradette in the chair.
Resolution reported, read the second time and concurred in. Mr. Gardiner thereupon

Fisheries Prices
5315 moved for leave to introduce bill No. 168, for the support of the prices of agricultural products during the transition from war to peace.
Motion agreed to and bill read the first time.

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