July 12, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Liguori Lacombe

Independent Liberal

Mr. LIGUORI LACOMBE (Laval-Two Mountains):

Mr. Speaker, I rise to a question of privilege. I do not intend to question the decision taken by you, sir, and by the house, but my contention is that I am entitled to give this chamber some explanations I was prevented from giving on July 4.
According to the rules of the house, and Bourinot's Parliamentary Procedure, at page 303, this right is given to members, and is set out in these words:
In the Canadian house, questions of privilege take a wide range, but it may be stated in general terms that they refer to all matters affecting the rights and immunities of the house collectively, or 'to the position and conduct of members in their representative character.
As reported at page 4514 of Hansard this is: what occurred:
Mr. Speaker: Will the hon. member for
Beauharnois-Laprairie please be seated.
I have already said to the hon. member for Laval-Two Mountains (Mr. Lacombe) that I would not tolerate any further interruptions of the speech made by the hon. member for Beauharnois-Laprairie. It is apparent that the hon. member does not intend to obey the injunction of the Chair, and I will have to name the hon. member.
I therefore name Liguori Lacombe, member for Laval-Two Mountains.
Mr. Mackenzie (Vancouver Centre): Mr. Speaker, in accordance with the rules of the
Mr. Lacombe: I only put a question to my hon. friend.
Mr. Speaker: Order.
Mr. Mackenzie (Vancouver Centre): Iu
accordance with the rules of the house, and in the absence of any explanation by the hon. member, I shall have to move, seconded by the Postmaster General (Mr. Mulock):
"That the hon. member for Laval-Two Mountains, Liguori Lacombe, be suspended from the service of the house for a period of seven days."

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