June 24, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Samuel Hughes



Yes, and if my hon. friend the Minister of Agriculture had been managing in the veldt, he would have ruled out Christian DeWet and General Delarey on the same ground as he ruled out Doctor Pickel ; because I am satisfied that they are both sensible men, and would have been Tories as well as good soldiers.
The Minister of Militia, according to the Toronto ' Globe,' referred to the- Genera! Officer Commanding as having made very impolitic speeches when he was sent out to the Pacific coast in British Columbia. I do not remember what the General Officer Commanding said, but I saw it reported at ihe time, and I thought he was very temperate in his remarks. Every school boy should know that the two islands about which hon. gentlemen opposite made so much fuss in order to create a prejudice against British institutions, are utterly worthless from a strategic point of view, f saw it stated in the government organ that the minister was very much displeased because Lord Dundonakr had made those speeches, so that he must have said something in a lucid moment.

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