June 24, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Samuel Hughes



The Minister of Agriculture has boasted that he wished to give Major Carr the command of ' E ' squadron, and that he knew that Major Carr was a Tory. He wished to make out that he was going to do this out of the magnanimity of his heart. What was his game ? It was to give that to Major Carr so that he could put a Liberal in command of the Knowlton squadron in Major Carr's place. He also boasts that lie accepted Surgeon-Major Macdonald and Surgeon-Lieutenant Martin for the regiment. He did not tell us that he understood that Doctor Macdonald was going to retire, and that in that event, ignoring the claims of Surgeon-Lieutenant Martin, a doctor of great experience in the eastern townships, he wished to place over his head another doctor who is a Liberal. Another point in connection with that is. that of the two squadrons transferred from the 6th Hussars one was commanded by a Liberal and the other by a Conservative, and they are both capable and efficient cavalry officers. For the new squadrons two Liberals were selected and one Conservative, Doctor Picket Does that look like partisanship on the part of Colonel Smart ? And yet, according to the Minister of Agriculture, this was going to be made a Tory hive by Colonel Smart and Colonel Whitley, a life-long Liberal. The Minister of Agriculture speaks of the Baker clique.

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