June 24, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Samuel Hughes



I want bim to understand where be belongs. He also claims- and I am witbin the judgment of this House, if yesterday as on a former occasion, be did not make it appear deliberately that Captain Adams or whatever bis rank may be was a resident of the eastern townships and knew the country well. He did not tell us, although he must have known it to be true, that Captain Adams has been a resident of Montreal for a long time, and that gentlemen who live in Montreal know the eastern townships as well as Dr. Adams. He wanted to make it appear that he wished Captain Adams to be appointed as third in command because he lived in the eastern townships. He did not say so in so many words, but he gave that impression by that power of equivocating that he possesses, of saying a thing to be taken one way but to mean something different. Captain Adams does not live in the eastern townships. Captain Adams lives in Montreal. The Minister of Militia has made the statement that he communicated with Colonel Whitley some time ago in relation to this matter. May I ask him whether he has brought down the correspondence in that behalf 1

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