July 3, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Thomas Vien (Speaker of the Senate)



Order. What I have said is not the opinion of the Chair but is the rules of
the house. That standing order is 41, from which I quote:
No member shall speak disrespectfully of His Majesty, nor of any of the royal family; nor of the governor or person administering the government of Canada; nor use offensive words against either house, or against any member thereof. No member may reflect upon any vote of the house, except for the purpose of moving that such vote be rescinded.
I would refer the house to citation 293, subsection (b):
A member while speaking must not (b) refer to any debate in the senate, but he may refer to the official printed records of the upper house though they have not been formally communicated to the lower house.
The hon. gentleman is referring to a debate that took place in the other house and is therefore not in order according to the rules and the standing orders of our house.

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