June 24, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. SAM@

HUGHEiS. I am very glad to hear it. At all events, Colonel Roy was only the District Officer Commanding. And here let me point out where the Minister of Militia was unfair last night. And I want the minister to hear this, for I am reading him a lecture and I intend that he should profit by it. The minister was unfair in half a dozen things, but the one thing to which 1 wish now particularly to refer was this-that he made-it appear that Colonel Roy had been overlooked by the General Officer Commanding. As a matter of fact, not a solitary recommendation was made by the General Officer Commanding that did not come through Colonel Roy-and it was through Colonel Roy as District Officer Commanding, that they should have come. I take it from the remarks of the minister that he wished to ieave the impression that Colonel Roy, as District Officer Commanding, had been overlooked in this matter because he was of French Canadian descent. I thought that was far beneath the Minister of Militia. For he knows, and knows well, that the District Officer Commanding has nothing- and ought to have nothing-to do in these matters, other than to take the reports of the officer commanding the regiment in the organization of the regiment. The General Officer Commanding, with the minister's knowledge and consent, gave the organization of the regiment to the brigadier, Lieutenant-Colonel Whitley, a staunch Liberal,

as the minister knows. And the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Militia were closeted with Colonel Whitley when Colonel Smart came on this first expedition to Ottawa. Was Colonel Smart admitted to the sacred precincts within which that conference was held ? No. He was kept at the door, and Colonel Whitley the Liberal was taken in and consulted with by these gentlemen.

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