July 3, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. ILSLEY: (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)


1. Approximately 17,900,000 bushels.
2. Acreage intentions in 1944 are reported at 2,069,600 acres.
3. Dominion Linseed Oil Co., Limited; plants at Baden, Ontario; Montreal, Que.; St. Boniface, Man.; Canada Linseed Oil Mills Limited; plants at Toronto, Ont.; Montreal, Que.; Sherwin-Williams Co. of Canada, Limited; plants at Montreal, Que.; Winnipeg, Man.; Toronto Elevators Limited1; plant at Toronto, Ont.; W. R. Carpenter (Canada), Limited; plants at Hamilton, Ont.; Vancouver, B.C.; Alberta Linseed Oil Mills Limited; plant at Medicine Hat, Alta.
4. W. R. Carpenter (Canada) Limited Hamilton, Ont.
5. No plant has been constructed in Canada in 1944.
6. Two plants are under construction in Canada at the present time but neither of them will be exclusively operated for flaxseed. The plants in question are: Victory Mills Limited, Toronto; and Prairie Vegetable Oils Limited, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. These plants will be operated by means of expellers and/or solvent extraction and will, therefore, be versatile and may process any vegetable oil-bearing material whatsoever.
7. The total flax crushing capacity in Canada including capacity which is interchangeable for other oil-bearing material is estimated at approximately the equivalent, of 6-4 million bushels.

8. The estimated crushing capacity for all vegetable oil-bearing materials will probably amount to 7-7 to 8-2 million bushels. It is impossible to say just what percentage of this capacity will be utilized for flax crushing purposes.

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