July 3, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Thomas Alexander Crerar (Minister of Mines and Resources)


Hon. T. A. CRERAR (Acting Leader of the Government):

The Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King) received a number of messages from other governments on the occasion of the seventy-seventh anniversary of confederation. As they conveyed greetings and good wishes to the people of Canada, I should like at this time to give to hon. members the substance of the messages.
In the message from the President of the United States, Mr. Roosevelt said:
No nation is nearer to us and with none have relations been more cordial. Tlje friendship of years of peace has been deepened and strengthened by years of brotherhood in warfare for the common defence and for the maintenance of those simple freedoms by which our

peoples have lived. Victory is still to be attained but we can soberly say that it is in sight and I know the peoples of the United S-tates and Canada will join their efforts in laying the foundations of a just peace as they have joined their sacrifices in defending common civilization.
The message from the Prime Minister of Australia, Right Honourable John Curtin, reads as follows:
On behalf of the government and people of Australia I desire to express our sincere good wishes on this the seventy-seventh anniversary of Canada's birth as a nation.
This war has brought Australia and Canada closer together than ever before. The many thousands of our young men who have gone to Canada for training under the empire air training scheme have cemented the personal link binding our two peoples. The kindness and hospitality with which you have received them is widely known and will ever be remembered in many thousands of Australian homes.
Not less do we appreciate material assistance *which Canada has given us under the mutual aid system. The large quantities of military supplies and equipment of all kinds which Australia has now received from Canada has been of inestimable value in our war effort.
This year on Dominion Day your thoughts will be with the thousands of young Canadians who are acquitting themselves so gallantly in Normandy. The magnificent war effort of Canada is a source of pride to all those who *have been associated with her in this long struggle for freedom.
The people of Australia send you their cordial greetings and their sincere good wishes for Canada's future happiness and prosperity.
Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek sent the congratulations and best wishes of all China. His message continued:
The important part you have been playing in furtherance of our common cause lias filled the heart of every Chinese with the deepest admiration. As a result of the decisive victories won by the allied forces on all fronts the days of our enemies are numbered and I am confident that when the war is over our two countries in cooperation with the other united nations will succeed in building a better world order.
The message from the Commissioner for Foreign Affairs of the French Committee for National Liberation reads in part:
In these glorious days, when a decisive battle against our common enemy' is under way in which Canadian troops are heroically shedding their blood for the liberation of France, the French nation expresses its most sincere wishes *for a great -and prosperous Canada.
Messages from the Prime Ministers of Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Poland all referred to the part Canada's armed forces are taking in the liberation of Europe.
Messages of greetings and good will were also received from the President of Haiti, and the foreign ministers of Mexico, Brazil and Chile, as well as from representatives in Canada of other governments.

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