June 24, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Samuel Hughes



That is his newspaper chief, of course, as we expect reporters do. I may say that I have badi a good deal to do with reporters in this country, and I have never known one who could be him! to go to any meeting and report for any man unless he was sent by his paper. With regard to the insinuations by the Minister of Militia that Lord Dundonald was publishing these confidential reports broadcast over the old country, that comes with very bad grace from one who has before him every day the Toronto ' Globe,' the Montreal ' Herald ' and other organs subsidized by this government whose columns are reeking with denunciations of the late General Officer Commanding because forsooth they charge him with wanting to impose a system of militarism on this country and build a line of forts from one end of it to the other and all that sort of thing. Let me tell the Prime Minister and the Minister of Militia and the Minister of Agriculture that they will fail in their efforts to prejudice Lord Dundonald, that they will fail to strengthen their own case and make

political capital for themselves by publishing only what suits them, and they will find that they will be forced by public opinion to publish the report of Lord Dun-dona Id in its entirety. I demand, in justice to Lord Dundonald and to the people of this country, that that report be laid On the table of this House, so that we may know really what it is, and I have every reason to believe that before the snow flies my right hon. friend the Prime Minister will be brought to his senses and be convinced of the necessity of furnishing that report in its entirety. The right hon. gentleman ought to know what the principles of responsible government are, though I must confess he has not in this matter given any evidence that he has the slightest conception of those principles. He may stand up here, as I have seen him do often before, and shake that magnificent head of his and slap his breast and declare that he is a politician of the type of the old English politicians-

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