May 26, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Thomas Reid



I do not think the minister
gave the complete picture. The information we have is that when the United States mili-

tary men looked over the north country there was some kind of agreement arrived at whereby they would build the Alaska highway through Canada, which would become the property of the government of Canada, and Canada would build a road into Prince Rupert. As anyone from British Columbia knows, Prince Rupert is largely a United States city because there are so many United States (troops there. That was a definite understanding, and I am rather surprised to hear the minister say that the project is not being completed because of a lack of $100,000. An undertaking was given that a road would be built from Hazelton to Prince Rupert, and not carrying out that project meant not carrying out the bargain that was entered into when the road was started.

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