May 12, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Ernest George Hansell

Social Credit


Mr. Speaker, I rise to a point of order, upon which I would ask your ruling. A moment or two ago I rose on a matter of privilege, I should like to refer Your Honour to standing order 16. at page 45 of Beauchesne's Parliamentary Rules and Forms, from which I quote one sentence:
Whenever any matter of privilege arises it shall be taken into consideration immediately.
In note 156 at page 48 I read:
The house will proceed with the utmost severity against persons who tamper with witnesses, in respect of evidence to be given to the house, or any committee thereof; who endeavour to deter or hinder persons from appearing or giving evidence, and who give false evidence before the house or any committee thereof.
I call your attention, sir, to that notation because the matter of privilege which I wished to discuss was a reflection by the press this morning upon myself with regard to my attempt to bring before the parliamentary committee a matter which I considered important. I cannot rise to a question of privilege immediately, Mr. Speaker, if I have to wait until Wednesday next. I do not wish to discuss the matter of the broadcasting committee. I simply wish to rise to a question of privilege with regard to something directed to me personally.

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