May 12, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Leslie Gordon Bell

Mr. M. J. COLD WELL (Rosetown-Biggar):

Mr. Speaker, before the business of the house proceeds I wish to raise a question which affects not only my own privileges but the privileges of the members of this house. Appearing in the Ottawa Journal of last evening was a statement of alleged non-payment of account by me to the king's printer. It was not only published in the local press but went all across the country over the C.B.C. last night. I think other members are in the same position as myself. I was alleged to be in arrears to the amount of $6.25 as of March 31, 1943. May I say that that account was incurred, $3.25 on March 6, 1943 and $3 on March 19, 1943; therefore I was in arrears to the amount of $6.25 as of March 31, 1943. That was unpaid on May 15, but, together with some other small accounts, was paid by cheque in full on July 12, during the session of last year. The impression that has been given to the country is that a large number of members of this house are in debt to the king's printer. I know that some others are in the same position as myself. We owe nothing to the king's printer. We keep our accounts paid regularly as the bills are rendered, and I think, Mr. Speaker, in fairness to the members of the house, the Ottawa Journal, which published the story, and the broadcasting corporation, should make a correction of the wrong impression which was left on the public mind.

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