May 8, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Fred Rose

Labour Progressive


I shall come to that. There was nothing. They had no work at home. I would agree with a number of speakers who put the issue squarely before the house. They said that we must have jobs. I agree. We must have jobs guaranteed to everybody after the war. That is problem No. 1. The workers say: "Give me a job." The worker does not give a hoot where the money comes from. He does not care whether it comes from a private bank or from a central bank. He wants a job and he wants it at decent wages. That is

Bank Act-Mr. Rose
problem No. 1. Let us not try to run away from that problem by finding some magic solution, by playing around with money, paper money or any other money.
We come now to problem No. 2. One of the hon. members used the phrase, "Nationalization of banks"; another hon. member used the phrase, " Socialization of banks." Let us not play with phrases. On the basis of those phrases people are supposed to stand up and vote. When I did not stand up to vote a neighbour to my right turned to me and said in effect, "What has happened to you?" I am no abstract dogmatist. I contend that jobs come first, and that is the big problem. To use the issue of socialization of banks at this time is all wrong when the vast majority of the Canadian people have indicated by a recent Gallup poll that they are not willing to accept such banks.
The key issue at the present stage of the war is not to play into the hands of those who want to make an issue of socialism in order to oppose reform. Let us stand up for reform in this house; let us collaborate. That is the issue to place before the people. The issue is not socialism or the socialization and nationalization of banks; it is a question of reform.

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