April 25, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Gordon Graydon (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government


I am not disagreeing with my hon. friend. I try to speak as loudly as I can on these occasions, so that he will be able to hear. I agree to this extent with the Minister of Pensions and National Health, that perhaps it would be unwise, unless there is some special reason for so doing, to have an extended general debate in the matter. Nevertheless there are a number of members who, if the procedure were directed along more restricted channels, would be deprived of an opportunity to speak. Some hon. members who spoke on the earlier occasion had the advantage of speaking generally, and if the debate were restricted I believe those of us who perhaps now have something to say along general lines would suffer an injustice. I think it would be unfair to make, that restriction, even at the expense of extending the debate a little longer than might normally be required.
When Mr. Speaker on the earlier occasion made his observations at the conclusion of that sitting, I do not think he had in mind any curtailment of the rights of those who might wish to speak in a general way, and in respect of the general aspects of the matter.
The report dealt not only with specific matters affecting changes in the rules, but it went on in some detail to philosophize somewhat in respect of rules generally, and house deportment. It is my belief that we would make just as much headway, and perhaps in the end save considerable time, if hon. members were given leeway in the same manner as obtained on the earlier occasion. I have always felt that when there is an attempt-I am not saying any such attempt is being made on this occasion-to curtail general discussion in the house it takes longer than if we proceed in the regular way. If hon. members have something to say we might as well allow them to have their say at this time. It is my suggestion, in order that the matter may be clarified, that we go on with the general discussion, beginning where we left off on the earlier occasion. Then, having finished that, we could get down to the particular items. I fancy it would not take quite so long then to deal with those items.

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