April 21, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Thomas Langton Church

National Government

Mr. T. L. CHURCH (Broadview):

Mr. Speaker, may I call attention of the house to the insufficiency of a return tabled two days before the Easter recess on Toronto housing, and dealing with the same subject. It showed that there were no war-time houses built there at all during this war, and that only $50,000 had been spent on the conversion of eight properties, or thirty-four units there. I suggest an amendment to the return; it would involve only three or four sentences. May I ask the house to be good enough in this emergency to allow me to read this, so that I may have an answer to my question on Monday.
In the first place, there was a considerable amount of property which the city of Toronto gave the government gratis for the duration. I may say the city and the government have

been working together in the matter. I would suggest that the old Havergal college on Jarvis street, in which about 350 of the women's army were housed, might be used. They are moving out on April 30th, and should before that to make it available.
Then, the second property, an R.C-A.F. equipment depot, is on the waterfront; seven of these sheds could be given as an emergency, and there are some buildings in the exhibition grounds which could be used temporarily.
Then, there is a lack of motor trucks until May 1 to move some of these poor people away. Surely the -military authorities could provide a few trucks. There are the equipment buildings I refer to on the waterfront, and some harbour property. I would suggest that three or four of these buildings might be made available so that these people might have a place in which to store their goods. At the present time they have not sufficient storage space. Further, I would suggest the loan of some military construction and housing staff of the forces to erect temporary buildings, or portable emergency houses.
I am asking that this housing matter be considered over the week-end, because it is serious. .

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