March 24, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Alfred Henry Bence

Progressive Conservative


If I may speak to the point of order, it is true that this bill has to do with the amendment of the Exchequer Court Act, but it also contains this provision:
Whenever in any act of the parliament of Canada reference is made to the judge or a judge of the Exchequer Court of Canada for the purpose of conferring any power, authority or jurisdiction upon such judge, the same shall be taken to confer the said power, authority or jurisdiction severally and respectively upon the president and the puisne judges of the court.
That directly refers to the Judges' Act, and I would point out also that the minister is providing for the appointment of another
Exchequer Court Act

puisne judge to the exchequer court, but as far as I can see he does not provide for the payment of that judge. The only authority for the payment of the puisne judge is under the Judges' Act, and certainly if a discussion of the Judges' Act with respect to the payment of that salary and with respect to retirement is not germane, then I do not know what is.
Mr. ST. LAURENT: There is on the order paper a resolution providing for the introduction of a bill to amend the Judges' Act precisely for the purpose of providing a salary for this additional puisne judge; but the bill now before the house merely amends the Exchequer Court Act to provide that there shall be two puisne judges instead of one. It is not that I do not find the subject interesting, or that I shall not be glad to have the views of hon. members upon it to assist me in the administration of my office, but I suggest that this is not the time when such a discussion is in order.

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