March 23, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. ABBOTT: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance)


1. The following officials of the Department of Finance, Department of External Affairs, the Bank of Canada and foreign exchange control board took part in the drafting of the "Tentative draft proposals of Canadian experts for an international exchange union":
R. B. Bryce, W. C. Clark, J. J. Deutsch.W.A. Mackintosh, L. Rasminsky, N. A. Robertson, G. F. Towers.
2 and 3. The proposals were drafted to serve as a basis for the comments and suggestions to be made in regard to the American and British currency proposals by the Canadian experts who were to attend the discussions on this subject in Washington. Several of these Canadian officials participated in these discussions as a result of an invitation which the Minister of Finance, as he explained to the house on July 12 last year, had received from the Secretary of the United States Treasury to send technical experts to Washington for an informal discussion of the proposals for an international stabilization fund prepared by officials in the United States treasury. Those who took part in the drafting of the "tentative draft proposals" did not receive any instructions or terms of reference, as it was definitely understood that the experts in discussing this question, were to do so solely on their own responsibility with a view to exploring the possibility of reaching agreements on proposals that could be recommended to governments in order to solve the problem of post-war monetary instability.

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