March 13, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Walter Adam Tucker



_ 1. At whose request was the recent air conference between the Royal Canadian Air Force and the British air ministry held?
2. Will the production of aircrew be curtailed during the next year because of the closing of schools?
3. Will the production of trained aircrew be sufficient to meet, (a) any necessary expansion of the number of operational units and squadrons in the front line; (b) any wastage or replacements?
4. Has the Department of National Defence for Air made provision for the training of sufficient recruits to fill the quota of trainees required in accordance with the terms of the recent conference agreement?
5. What schools of the B.C.J.A.T.P. will be closed as a result of the joint decision of the United Kingdom and the Canadian government at the recent conference, and on what date will these schools be closed?

Subtopic:   R.C.A.F.-AIRCREW
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