March 13, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Ernest Edward Perley

National Government


How much in brokerage fees, commission or any other fees was paid by the Canadian wheat board to the following export firms since August 1, 1943: Alberta Pacific Grain Company Limited, Bunge North American Grain Corporation (Canadian Agency Limited), Cargill Grain - Company Limited, Continental Grain Company Limited, Laval and Company Incorporated, McCabe * Brothers Grain Company Limited, Searle Grain Company Limited, K. B. Stoddart & Company Limited?
Mr. MneKINNON (Edmonton West): Mr. Speaker, I have had a word with the hon. member for Qu'Appeile regarding this question. The same type of question was before the standing committee on agriculture and colonization during the 1942 session. The committee had before it a motion by the hon. member for Lake Centre, I believe, as follows:
That the board do produce to this committee a complete record of all brokerage fees of all kinds, and commissions paid since the outbreak of war, the persons or corporations to whom such payments were made; the amounts paid to each, and the particulars of service rendered therefore respectively by each of the said persons or corporations.
This motion called for all brokerage and all commissions and fees paid by the board to individual companies or persons; and the question the member for Qu'Appelle is now asking calls for the same information for a selected list of companies. When the motion to which I have just referred was before the committee on agriculture and colonization, the chief commissioner of the Canadian wheat board stated that the disclosure of such information by individual companies would be capable of misinterpretation, and in any event would be inimical to the board's future operations. The committee therefore decided that it would not accept responsibility for the disclosure of this detailed information. I might add that the Canadian wheat board properly discloses in its annual reports the total amounts of brokerage and carrying charges paid. It is the detailed disclosure by individual companies which would be inimical to the board's operations with these companies, and to which exception is being taken.
I am now advised that the annual report of the Canadian wheat board for the 1942-43 crop year is expected to be ready by about the end of this month.
I would suggest that the question be dropped.

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