June 17, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


James Clancy

Conservative (1867-1942)


Of course, the hon. gentleman (Mr. Prefontaine) is always single-Mr. HAGGART.
minded in everything. It was by the merest accident that he selected the year 1896 for comparison. The hon. gentleman devotes his whole effort to show that there was complaint in 1895 or 1896. Has he been asleep that he does not know that these complaints had been made for years before and have been made for years since ? The charge was made by one of his own supporters, the hon. member for St. Lawrence Division, Montreal (Mr. Bickerdike), from his place in the House that the whole service was in the most deplorable condition. Why did not the hon. gentleman (Mr. Prefontaine) date it from that time ? He could hardly have been ignorant of the complaints that were made by the hon. gentleman (Mr. Bickerdike). But, in compiling this table to show what has been done on the St. Lawrence route he, incidentally and quite accidentally, fell upon the year 1896. I do not mind giving the hon. gentleman my opinion that that is mere parish politics and looks all the worse when practised by the head of a great department. The hon. gentleman brought action against a newspaper for having stated more definitely, not than the facts warranted, probably, but than he was willing to have known, that he had established a sort of bureau in his own city through which his friends would secure places, it appears that it is a part of the outfit of the government to which he belongs. The Postmaster General (Sir William Mulock) on one occasion when he was acting Minister of Public Works, advertised for applicants from one end of this country to the other-

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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