March 3, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Thomas Langton Church

National Government

Mr. T. L. CHURCH (Broadview):

I should like to ask the Minister of National Defence for Naval Services a question. I have not often asked him questions this session. As a former chairman of the harbour board of Toronto, I may say that the Toronto members have to-day received a letter from the mayor and the board of control with reference to the construction of naval barracks west of the Toronto baseball grounds on the waterfront. The minister might be able to give information as to what is going on. The city has spent from twelve to fifteen million dollars on western harbour improvements.
Hon. ANGUS L. MACDONALD (Minister of National Defence for Naval Services): I hope to be able to make an announcement on that point by next week. My hon. friend is quite right in saying that the city of Toronto has given a certain very desirable area of land there for the use of the naval services. As I told the mayor in a letter a few days ago, the whole matter is being care-

Conference with Provinces

fully considered, and I hope by the time my estimates are up next week to be able to give a definite answer on the point.

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