March 2, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Charles Gavan Power (Associate Minister of National Defence; Minister of National Defence for Air; Minister of National Defence for Air and Associate Minister of National Defence)



At the moment he has general supervision, and he has been very active indeed. He has done great work in trying to get parcels to prisoners of war in the east and in arranging for parcels for prisoners of war in Germany. The air force has a representative on the committee over which Colonel Clarke presides.
The hon. member for Saskatoon wanted to know why we did not add the factor of congestion to the factors taken into consideration in the matter of closing of schools. I must tell him that we do. We are endeavouring to close schools in the large centres, rather than in the smaller ones where the economic life of the community would be more seriously disturbed. With regard to Ottawa, I understand the school to which my hon. friend refers is what is called the W.E.T.P. school. It will be closed shortly. It is not a school where flying goes on; all the men connected with flying in the Ottawa district are accommodated either at Uplands or at Rockcliffe, where we have ample accommodation for them. They do not Cause any congestion of accommodation in the city of Ottawa.
Item stands.
Progress reported.
On motion of Mr. Mackenzie (Vancouver Centre) the house adjourned at 11.05 p.m.
Friday, March 3, 1944

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