March 2, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Charles Gavan Power (Associate Minister of National Defence; Minister of National Defence for Air; Minister of National Defence for Air and Associate Minister of National Defence)



With respect to pensions, if a man enlisted after 1935, or four years before the war in the R.A.F., he would be entitled, and if unfortunately he were killed his dependents would be entitled, to the same advantages and benefits as if he had enlisted in the R.C.A.F. That is covered by section 46A

of the act. In connection with rehabilitation I am sure the Minister of Pensions and National Health would be better able to explain that.
The leader of the opposition asked a question with regard to civil aviation. While I am in entire agreement with him I would rather he would discuss this matter with the Minister of Transport who is in charge of that phase of aviation. With regard to travelling time I may say that I am having this looked into and will have a reply ready on Monday.
With regard to equality of pay for our women's division I may say that I am entirely in agreement with the hon. member for North Battleford (Mrs. Nielsen). At one time there was a distinct difference in the rates of pay in all services. The women obtained only seventy-five per cent of the men's pay, and only seventy-five per cent of trades pay-which seemed to be somewhat of an anomaly. We did raise the seventy-five per cent to eighty per cent. Why we did not raise it to 100, I do not know. But we of the service did succeed in having a logical thing done, that if they were carrying on a trade and drawing trades pay, it did not seem sensible to give them only two-thirds of the trades pay; if they were doing a job of work they should at least have got 100 per cent.

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