March 2, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


James McCrie Douglas

Mr. DOLTGLAS (Weybum):

In connection with the task of training these men and placing them in gainful employment, I wish to ask the Minister of Defence for Air if any plans have yet been made as to the disposition of the airports? The minister knows there is talk of seme of them being closed already. Are they to be sold? Are they to be leased or torn down? I wish to make a suggestion to the government that if they are going to train men-and they will probably have to train a quarter of a million or more men in this way- there is no better place to train them in various trades and occupations than in those airports. Many of them have dormitory accommodation for anywhere from a thousand to fifteen hundred men; they have workshops, hangars, recreation rooms and so on. Large groups of men could be placed in those airports on pay and allowances, as has been suggested already, there trained in various occupations and trades and later put into either private industry or the house building or rural electrification programmes sponsored by the federal, provincial and municipal governments. What disposition will be made of the airports, and what will be done with them in the rehabilitation period?

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