March 2, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


James Lester Douglas


Mr. DOUGLAS (Weybum):

It has not been done for a year. It has not been done at all. The senior hon. member for Halifax said, when we were talking about having no plans, that there were extensive plans. Where are they? When we ask, "Where are they?", he says, "There are counselling committees set up." Of course, setting up committees to give counsel is not supplying jobs, but merely helping men to find the kind of job toward which they ought to go, and that is probably as far as the responsibility of this particular department of government goes; but it is not the full extent of the responsibility of the government. It has a much greater responsibility. The senior hon. member for Halifax should not confuse having employment offices with employment, no more than before the war setting up the unemployment insurance commission necessarily abolished unemployment. As I have already said, this government will have the responsibility of training these men, and of placing them either in private industry or, if there is no room in private industry, of having laid down careful plans for socially useful projects that will guarantee employment to every man whom they have trained.

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