February 28, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)



National Government

1. Has the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation applied for military deferments for any members of its staff?
2. If so, have any such applications been granted?
3. Who are the employees in whose behalf such applications, if any, were made and granted, or made and not granted, and what positions do they, or did they, occupy?
1. Yes.
2. Yes.
Employees of the C.B.C. in whose behalf
application has been made for postponement of military training
Name-Classification-Declined or granted Halifax studios:
D. J. Macdonald (on leave for military duty), news editor, grade 1, granted.
CBV transmitter, Charlesbourg:
R. Fortin, broadcast operator, granted.
CBV, Quebec:
R. Belanger, announcer, grade 1, granted.
CBF transmitter, Vercheres:
M. Guimond, broadcast operator, granted.
P. J. E. Boisvert, broadcast operator, granted.

CBM transmitter, Marieville:
P. P. Deziel, broadcast operator, granted. Keefer building, Montreal:
W. G. Roxburgh, broadcast operator, granted. R. E. Santo, assistant broadcast engineer, granted.
F. G. Gribben, chief storekeeper, granted. Montreal studios:
P. Barette (overseas unit), news editor, grade
2, granted.
M. Couture, announcer, grade 2, granted.
R. Fournier, supervising broadcast operator, granted.
B. Lafleur (overseas unit), news editor, grade
3, granted.
G. F. Lefebvre, news editor, grade 2, granted.
R. Lemieux, broadcast operator, granted.
M. Ouimet (overseas unit), news editor, grade
4, granted.
G. Viau, storekeeper, granted.
M. Romanelli. broadcast operator, granted.
J. Souliere, broadcast operator, granted.
J. L. DeLorimier (on leave for military duty), clerk, grade 1, declined.
G. Beaudoin (resigned), sound effects operator, grade 1, granted.
55 York St., Toronto:
A. G. Cowan (overseas unit), producer, grade 2, granted.
N. M. Morrison, supervisor of talks, granted. W. J. Dunlop, commercial representative,
grade 2, declined.
C. Maclin, principal clerk, granted.
Toronto studios:
J. C. McCabe, producer, grade 2, granted.
C. Johns, broadcast operator, granted.
S. A. Campbell, treasurer's cashier, declined. L. Green, announcer, grade 2, 1st request
granted, 2nd request declined.
J. R. Hayward (resigned), broadcast operator. granted.
A. S. McFee (on leave for military duty), announcer, grade 1, declined.
A. C. Ellsworth, supervising broadcast operator, granted.
L. Duffey, news editor, grade 1, granted.
CBO. Ottawa:
J. A. Boole, broadcast operator, granted.
C. P. Wright, station manager, grade 2, granted.
R. E. Anderson (resigned), producer, grade 2, granted.
CBK. Watrous:
G. R. Backhouse, broadcast operator, granted. J. L. Marshall, supervising broadcast operator, granted.
V. J. Rowe, broadcast operator, granted.
CBR, Vancouver:
R. G. Dunlop, producer, -grade 2, granted.
E. G. Rose, broadcast operator, granted.
A. Gelueh, broadcast operator, granted.
C. M. Wilson (on leave for military duty), ^broadcast operator, granted.
W. J. Herbert, announcer, grade 2, granted.

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