February 28, 1944 (19th Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. MULOCK: (Postmaster General)


1. Yes.
2 and 3. Mr. Ducharme Olivier has been selected for the position by the Civil Service Commission as a result of a promotional competition usual in such cases and in accordance with section 49 of the Civil Service Act. His promotion has not yet been confirmed by civil service certificate.
4. Yes. From 8th January, 1913, to 15th June, 1929. He was relieved of the duties of the position and assigned to another position with a reduction in rank and salary.
5. He was relieved of the duties of the position as clerk in charge of the city delivery branch for failure to properly perform these duties. He has already been sufficiently penalized and has again won promotion on merit. [DOT]
6. No, but the orthodox promotional procedure was followed. See answer to question
7. See answer to No. 6.
8. See answer to No. 6.

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