June 16, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert Laird Borden (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I do not know what progress has -been made in the preparation of the documents which -were to be brought down in connection with the arbitration respecting the Alaska boundary. A few months ago the Prime Minister informed us that these documents would all be brought down, and I then suggested that they be brought down in such a way that we could readily understand what the proceedings were, and what the issues had been before the commission, in order that we might be able thoroughly to appreciate the whole question. It seems to me that the papers might have -been brought -down and printed within the period that has since elapsed. There may be reasons for the delay that I do not know and which have not occurred to me. But in the ordinary course, the period of a few months would seem to have been sufficient for the preparation of the return. The government are now proposing to take every day as a government day, and therefore we are not in a position to put any motion upon the order paper in regard to that matter if we desired to do so. I would therefore suggest -that the Prime Minister should expedite this matter as much as possible. Perhaps he would now inform us when we may expect it ?

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