June 25, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Major James William Coldwell

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)


The Regina branch of the Canadian Legion. Had I cared to recount the conversation I had with Mr. Thorson at the time it might have been embarrassing both to the Regina board and to certain other people. I wrote Mr. Thorson to that effect, and reminded him of the conversation. I also said that in the December before I had had a somewhat similar experience. When I spoke to Mr. Thorson about this breach of proper and decent procedure-for I should have been afforded an opportunity to see any report which was made, and such report should have been made by an organization responsible to the government-he told me too what he thought of that procedure. I make very strong protest against that sort of thing being done. I have no objection to any member of this house asking for the bringing down in the proper manner of any correspondence that I have had either with the Department of National War Services or with the minister, but I do object to reading in the public press a report which the minister should have first referred to me. I may say that the newspaper report varied considerably in tone from the official report which I received subsequently from the minister, under date of October 6, after I had drawn the matter to his attention.
I am not going over these cases, but I simply point out that I advised these young men, who did not seem to understand that they had to apply for postponement after they had received their medical call, to apply for postponement. The report of the minister shows that most of these young men did apply
War Appropriation-Labour

for and receive postponements subsequent to August 21, the date when I wired the Prime Minister. I do not know who was responsible for this breach of parliamentary etiquette, but the minister gave me a good indication. I want to say to the present Minister of National War Services (Mr. LaFleche), who was deputy at the time, that that kind of procedure is against the rules and privileges of this house. I hope that the Minister of National War Services will bear that in mind.
Mr. LaFLECHE: Was the hon. member for Rosetown-Biggar indicating me personally?

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