June 3, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)



I am glad to be able to inform my bon. friend that Dr. Rutherford has been able to carry out bis intention as expressed in liis report. He has made the necessary investigation, and has promulgated regulations covering the point alluded to. These regulations were issued in March last, and deal with the importations from Mexico. These cattle are first of all carefully inspected at the United States frontier by the United States authorities. They then come through the United States in bond, and are again inspected by our inspectors. Section 54 of these regulations says :
Any person contemplating the importation of animals from Mexico, must, in addition to all other requirements of this order, first obtain from the minister a permit stating the number and kind of animals to be imported, the district and state in Mexico whence they are to be shipped, and the probable .date of their arrival at the Canadian port of entry. The person applying for such permit shall furnish satisfactory proof of the facts hereinbefore set forth.
Then, section 55 provides :
Animals passing in bond through United States territory for importation to Canada must be accompanied by a certificate of health signed by a veterinarian of the United States Bureau of Animal Industry and by an aflidavit from the owner or importer that the said certificate refers to the animals in question. Such animals shall nevertheless be subject to inspection and if necessary to detention before being permitted to enter Canadian territory. If found diseased such animals are to be Mr. GILMOUR.
subject to and dealt with according to the orders of the inspecting officer under instructions from the Veterinary Director General. The expense of treatment, should such be deemed advisable, must be borne by the otvner or importer of the animals treated.
We consider that this regulation will completely cover the cases referred to by my hon. friend. My hon. friend spoke of some animals having come in last year. There was an importation, but we held the animals on the borders of Canada and quarantined them for the necessary time before they were liberated. The result of that has been satisfactory, because there has been no suggestion that they brought in any disease. They came through after inspection by the American authorities. The details of the importation are contained In the report. We were notified by the Washington authorities of their coming, and we held them because of the uncertainty of the matter at that time. The regulations which I have just read had not been promulgated, and we could not act upon them ; but we took the steps we did under the general regulations to guard against these animals bringing disease into the country.

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