June 3, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)



This is the usual quarantine vote, the same as we had last current year and I hope the service will be carried out in just the same method as for the last year. The work has been onerous, but I think on the whole extremely successful. Difficulties have arisen and are constantly arising but by the energy of the officer and by the skill and knowledge of our inside staff on the whole I may congratulate the committee (hat the health of the animals it better than it is in most countries. This fact is largely* due to the measures of prevention and sanitation which our officers have been able to carry out. The work is two-fold in its character : first, the prevention of the importation of disease into our animals from outside the country, and secondly*, the looking after, along certain lines and in certain ways, the health and sanitation of our domestic live stock.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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