June 3, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)



I would be very glad indeed to consult with my colleague about the matter, and 1 think it would be quite within the possibilities to manage the service of a quarantine boat at Williams Head in such a way that she would be available, as my hon. friend suggests, for any emergency in the way of a wreck or anything of that kind. The quarantine service to-day is pretty exacting. The vessel has to keep up steam all the time, but at the same time in an emergency I think she might be spared for the quarantine station for a few hours or half a day to give assistance to vessels in distress without interfering witli her work-in connection with quarantine. It may be more expensive to get such a vessel as the hon. gentleman speaks of, but I have no doubt it will be quite admissible, and while it may not be correctly or properly charged to ^he quarantine service, still, in the interest of humanity and of the people generally, I think it would be quite justifiable to increase the expenditure, and I should be very glad to consider it carefully. For such a purpose I would have to get a larger vote than the ordinary quarantine service calls for, but such an increased expenditure might be well entered upon.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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