June 3, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Thomas Earle

Conservative (1867-1942)


Quite so. I may explain that she was bought under peculiar circumstances, at a time when she was the only boat that could be procured in order to introduce the system they have now of fumigating and so forth. I am quite satisfied that $20,000 is not sufficient to procure such a boat ns is required. But independently of that service, I may mention another to which it could be put. The hon. gentleman is aware of the terrible calamity that occurred in the harbour of Victoria a few months ago by which 50 or 60 lives were lost. It was claimed by the citizens of Victoria that had a proper vessel been available to go to their assistance every life might have been saved. It has been suggested to the Marine and Fisheries Department that in building a boat for the quarantine service, she should be fitted up with life-saving apparatus so that she might be utilized in case of need for that purpose. A society has been organized there now for the purpose of establishing a life-saving station, and it has been suggested I think, to the Marine Department, by my colleague (Mr. Riley) and also I think by Senator Templeman, that with a somewhat greater expense the steamer doing quarantine service might be made available for the purpose of saving life in any accident that might occur in the im-, mediate neighbourhood. As I understand it,

the quarantine steamer is always under steam ; if not, it could be kept continuously under steam at very little cost, and would always be available in case of accidents occurring upon the coast. 1 would suggest to the hon. gentleman that he consult with the Minister of Marine and Fisheries .with a view to co-operating in securing a boat that would serve as a life-saving boat as well as doing the quarantine service.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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