May 31, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Gordon Graydon (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government

Mr. GORDON GRAYDON (Leader of the Opposition):

Mr. Speaker, I should like to ask a question of the government. I am not sure whether it should be directed to the acting leader, to the Minister of Transport or to the Minister of Justice, but I have sent notice to them all just in case the question may come within their purview.
A Canadian Press dispatch from Fort William under date of yesterday says:
A railway sectionman was shot and wounded in what was believed last night to have been an attempt of saboteurs to wreck the Canadian Pacific Railway's crack Montreal-Vancouver flier. The section worker was fired upon from ambush when he tried to replace spikes that had been removed from the track.
In view of the widespread public interest which has been aroused by this hinted act of sabotage I ask the government to give a full statement to the house in connection with this report, and I should like also to inquire, what steps the government is taking immediately to investigate the incident.
Hon. L. S. ST. LAURENT (Minister of Justice): Mr. Speaker, when I received notice of this question from the hon. leader of the opposition I mentioned it to the acting leader of the government (Mr. Crerar) and to the Minister of Transport and ascertained from them that what was the case with respect to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was also the case with them. No official report has yet been received concerning this incident. All the information we have at police headquarters here is that the Manitoba division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is cooperating with the provincial authorities and with the constables of the Canadian Pacific company in investigating the incident.

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