May 21, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Douglas King Hazen

National Government

Mr. D. K. HAZEN (St. John-Albert):

I wish to address a question to the Minister of Finance, based on an item which appeared in the press yesterday; it has to do with the rationing of sugar for canning and preserving purposes. According to this dispatch, the amount to be allowed each person in a household varies with different cities and different municipalities. For instance it is stated that

Fuel Wood
in Halifax the amount which each householder is to receive is 8 pounds; in Saint John, Moose Jaw and a number of other centres it is 10 pounds; in Owen Sound it is 12 pounds. Then there appears to be a difference in the amounts allowed in urban and in rural communities. Would the minister, either to-day or when it is convenient to him, tell us on what basis this allotment is made and why it is that in some cities and towns more is allotted than in others.

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