April 12, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. GIBSON: (Minister of National Revenue)


1. (1) The Hon. Mr. Justice Charles Patrick McTague, (chairman); (2) Francis H. Black, C.A.; (3) Robert F. Burns, C.A.
2. (1) The Hon. Mr. Justice C. P. McTague and Mr. Robert F. Bums, C.A., have retained no financial, directional or business connections with any private company, partnership or corporation while they hold positions on this board. (2) Francis II. Black, C.A., has retained no financial or directional interest with any private company or corporation but remains a partner in the accounting firm of Black, Hanson & Co.
3. The Hon. Mr. Justice C. P. McTague was and still is a member of the Court of Appeal for Ontario. (2) Francis H. Black, CA., was and still is a member of the firm Black, Hanson & Co., chartered accountants, Port Arthur, Ontario. (3) Robert F. Burns, C.A., was an employee of the income tax division.
4. (1) The Hon. Mr. Justice C. P. McTague: Order in council P.C. 60/5095, dated the 15th June, 1942: "Expenses incurred while away from his home in Toronto, such expenses to include travelling, hotel, meals and incidental expenses." (2) Francis H. Black, CA.: Order in council P.C. 1/495S, dated the 20th September, 1940: "Fifty dollars (S50) for each day he is in attendance as a member of the said board, in addition to expenses incurred for mileage, transportation, taxicabs, telephone and telegraph, for each day he is absent from Port Arthur, Ontario, in the exercise of his duties as a member of the said board." (3) Robert F. Burns, C.A.: Nothing except the usual civil service travelling expenses.
5. In the aggregate, yes; as to individual taxpayers, no.


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