April 7, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)



Progressive Conservative

1. How many elementary flying training schools are in operation in Canada?
2. Where are they located?
3. Are any of the said schools owned or operated by the government or the Royal Canadian Air Force?
4. What is the capitalization of each of said companies ?
5. When did each of the said schools commence operation?
6. Who is the manager, assistant manager, and secretary-treasurer, and/or treasurer, in each of the said schools, and what salary does each receive?
7. How much did each of the said companies receive as the management fee, and what expenditures of said fee have been made for each lunar month since commencement of operations to date?
8. How much did each of said companies receive for every 24-week period since commencement of operations for operation and maintenance, and what was the disbursement for each said period under this head?
9. What percentage of the proceeds on hand of "operation and maintenance" does the operating company receive at the termination of contract ?
10. What were the profits before payment of taxes made by each of the said companies in each 24-week period since commencement of operations, (a) when consideration is given to

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the company's share of the savings under operation and maintenance; (b) when no consideration is given? _
11. What profit per flying hour is provided in the agreement between the government and each of the said companies, (a) now; (b) at the commencement of operations; and what reductions have been made thereof, and when?
12. (a) Which of said companies are turning back all profits made to the government; (b) which of said companies pay a dividend to the shareholders; (c) to whom are the profits made by each of the other companies payable at the termination of the contract or the conclusion of the war?

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