March 29, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Thomas Hay

Right. Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister):

I am happy to be able to sa\ that Mr. Eden expects to arrive in Ottawa some time to-morrow afternoon. On Wednesday morning Mr. Eden will be meeting with the war committee of the cabinet, and on Wednesday afternoon will be having conferences with myself and other members of the government. On Wednesday evening the government will be entertaining him On Thursday morning or Friday morning, I am not quite sure which, Mr. Eden will be having a conference with the press. On the afternoon ot Thursday he will address members of this House of Commons and hon. members of the Senate, both houses of parliament.
I am also pleased to be able to say that Mr. Eden has indicated his readiness to make a broadcast some time during the evening of Thursday; I am not in a position at the moment to announce the hour. It will be a brief address, broadcast, however, over the whole of Canada. Mr. Eden plans- to leave on Friday.
W ith respect to the proceedings in the house on the afternoon that the Secretary of State lor Foreign Affairs will address parliament, the government proposes to follow the same course as was followed when the Right Hon. Air Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia addressed hon. members. We shall meet at the regular hour and when we reach the orders of the day, after words of greeting have been extended to Mr. Eden, there will be a motion foi the house to adjourn the proceedings to permit, of Mr. Eden speaking to hon. members from the floor of the house. After the adjournment the house will reconvene and continue with its regular business.

Customs Tariff
Members of the Senate will be accommodated in their gallery and also on the floor of the house in such seats as may not be occupied by hon. members. Special arrangements are being made for the accommodation of members of the diplomatic services and for the wives and members of the families of hon. members of both houses and for a limited number of officials. It is important, I think, that care should be taken that the public galleries are not closed completely; there may be reservations up to a certain point, but the house will be in session except for the period of adjournment, and the galleries should be kept open. Special accommodation will be arranged for additional members of the press who may be here.

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