March 25, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Thomas F. Donnelly


Mr. T. F. DONNELLY (Wood Mountain):

Yesterday the hon. member for Broadview spoke in the house as follows, as reported at page 1516 of Hansard:
I wish to call to the attention of the house a speech made on March 22 by a friend of mine, the hon. member for Wood Mountain (Mr. Donnelly). I should like to read the words about which I complain, which appear at page 1447 of Hansard, and then to say a few words in order to indicate that the hon. gentleman has made a grave error. The hon. member said: "Let me turn for a moment to other members of the government. I remember back in 1927 and 1928 or thereabouts when our navy consisted of the Rainbow and the Niobe, the hon. member for Broadview (Mr. Church) spoke in this house and referred to our navy as consisting of these two ships and he asked: Where is our fleet now? And he answered in derision: Tied up in a garage at Halifax. Ah, but he does not say that now. Our fleet is to-day doing a man-sized job, sailing and patrolling the seven seas, and we are all proud of it. It is doing forty per cent of the convoy work in the north Atlantic. We are proud of our navy and the work it is doing, and hon. gentlemen do not deride it and poke fun at it to-day as they did in 1927 and 1928. It has grown from the two ships we had then to the splendid fleet we have now."
The hon. member then goes on to say: Not one word in the paragraph is correct.
I do not know what he is complaining about. Further down on the same page he is reported as follows:
My remarks about Halifax were made on June 21, 1926, at which time I said that if we were going to become an independent country under the statute of Westminster any foreign fleet might sail up the St. Lawrence and we could not oppose it because our navy might be locked up in a garage at Halifax.
I turn now to Hansard of February 1, 1928, at page 103, where I find the following:
We have a contemptible little navy which hugs the shores, never leaves our coasts, and for the past year has been locked up in a garage at Halifax.

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