March 22, 1943 (19th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. HOWE: (Minister of Munitions and Supply)


1. John Schofield.
2. C. Blake Jackson.
3. Ottawa.
4. Yes.
5. April 25, 1942.
6. Yes.
7. February 8, 1943.
8. In Ottawa, 36 including the controller; in Montreal, 3; in Vancouver, 3.
9. Yes.
10. Seven.
11. No accounts have been rendered to date covering the moving of the office of the controller of construction from Toronto to Ottawa.
12. The office of the controller of
construction was moved back to Ottawa
because of recent developments in the United States priority system. This made it
imperative to have closer coordination with certain other control offices now in Ottawa with a view to simplification of procedure for the general public in applications for licences, materials required in such
*construction, and for priority assistance
required in connection therewith.

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