May 27, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


George Taylor (Chief Opposition Whip; Whip of the Conservative Party (1867-1942))

Conservative (1867-1942)


My hon. friends from Bothwell, Peel and Marquette, have put a number of questions to the hon. gentleman which he will have to answer, and I presume he will answer them as well as one I am about to put to him now. On page D-18 of the Auditor General's report, I find that he spent up to the 1st of June, 1903, in connection with the Canadian exhibit in the Imperial Institute in London $1,042, less paid by the Wolverhampton and Cork Exhibition $360.01, leaving a balance of $681.99. Turning to page D-21, I find the following items in connection with AVolverhamp-ton and Cork exhibition ; ' Detailed under Imperial Institute (Page D-18) $360.01.' I do not understand this reference, but I do notice in connection with the Wolverhampton and Cork exhibitions a great many articles purchased, and that at the close of those exhibitions some of these were disposed of. On D-19, I find the following purchased : from Phillips & Jones, 18J yards carpet. $13.14 ; 9 feather dusters, $16.88 ; 14 yards table baize. $8.65 ; 3 cocoa mats, $33.70 ; 16 yards linoleum. $5.35 ;
sundries,. $2.81. Total $80.53. Looking up the details of the goods sold, I find none of these articles mentioned. What became of them ? I also find at page D-19 a purchase from Hiram Walker & Sons of 2 cases Canadian Club whisky, $20.93. I find that these goods have not been sold. Would the hon. minister explain why he purchased to take over with him to the exhibition at Wolverhampton two cases of whisky and whether he consumed it all himself or treated his friends? The farmers and the temperance people will want to know why they should pay for two cases of whisky for the hon. minister.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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