May 27, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Richard Blain

Conservative (1867-1942)


Two years ago the hon. gentleman stated that the transfer had been made to the Board of Trade ; and yet the hon. gentleman makes the statement this afternoon that the condition of the Canadian exhibit to-day is the same or even worse than it was two years ago. I think the minister should give this matter better attention. He was in the old country in 1901 and inspected the exhibit himself; and, according to his own statement, he came to the conclusion then Mr. FISHER.
that it was not at all creditable to Canada. He makes the same statement now'. I am not sure how this exhibit should be made ; but it seems to me that it should not be connected with the impei'ial government, but with the Canadian government. It is a Canadian exhibit, and I think the hon. minister should see that the government of Canada looks after it. My own opinion is that a certain amount of money should be expended by the Canadian government in making our exhibit of Canadian products in the old country. I rather think a large room should be obtained, where parties interested in Canadian products could send their goods for exhibition for a short time, after which they might be taken aw7ay and another class of products exhibited. Instead of our contributing money to the imperial government to be expended, we should expend it ourselves. If the minister would take hold of this matter w'ith some energy, he might place the exhibit in a [DOT] creditable condition, instead of coming before us year after year with the same old story and without any proposition to do anything. The hon. gentleman said the Board of Trade Department of the British government, which controls the Imperial Institute was something like an omnibus department, and last year he said it was something like the Department of the Minister of Trade and Commerce of Canada.
I should think he should be more careful of the feelings of that hon. gentleman ; who, I thought, occupied a more creditable position than that of the head of an omnibus department.

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