July 29, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. McLARTY: (Secretary of State of Canada)


1. Yes.
2. He was appointed on January 26, 1942, at a salary of $3,120 per annum. When it became
necessary to secure an examiner having certain qualifications, such as legal training and! experience in connection with current and! post-war problems of rehabilitation, the Department of National Defence was approached! by the commission with a view to securing the services of Captain Spencer, a veteran of the great war, who was a staff officer with the Canadian army overseas.
3. He served as staff captain, auxiliary services, M.D. No. 10, Winnipeg, December 5, 1939 to June 7, 1940, whence he proceeded overseas with a similar appointment at headquarters, 2nd Canadian Division, arriving in England June 21, 1940, and was attached to headquarters, 1st Canadian Division, to July 5, 1940. He was posted to the same duties with headquarters Canadian forces in Iceland arriving there July 12, 1940, and served on that command' to October 31, 1940. From September 23 to' October 31, 1940, he served as Staff Captain, Q., under Major-General L. F. Page, D.S.O., in Iceland. His duties as Staff Captain, Auxiliary Services, headquarters 2nd Canadian Division, were resumed November 3, 1940, where he continued until his recall from overseas by National Defence Headquarters to the appointment he now holds.
4. Barrister and solicitor.

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