July 25, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Alfred Henry Bence

Progressive Conservative


I do not know what the
regulations are in the department in that respect. I am not in a position to say. I am giving the facts as I understand them, and the fact is that there was one returned soldier from the district who was recommended by the legion, but he did not have sufficient educational qualifications. I understood that it was confined to selections from the particular district. I was rather surprised when
I read the file to find that they did not go to surrounding communities to pick a returned soldier, but apparently the practice of the department is as I have stated. However, the point I wish to make is this. The Postmaster General referred to the putting into effect of this appointment, which did not come until a year and a half or a year and a quarter after the man had been appointed to the position at Bruno. In the meantime the acting postmaster had carried on. I conducted correspondence with the Postmaster General as a result of representations made to me by veterans' organizations in Saskatoon and northern Saskatchewan. In fact, one of the first communications received by the Postmaster General was a telegram from the joint council of the Canadian Legion, the Army and Navy Veterans' Association and the Canadian Corps, and as a result of the representations made at that time the matter was held up.

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